HvA Pride was founded on Purple Friday 2018 by Kiek Vellinga and Richard van der Veen. Together they fight for safe and inclusive education. Ever since HvA Pride's foundation they: "feel more free in front of the classroom".

Kiek Vellinga (She/her)

Through HvA Pride I want to make sure that you can be who you are in a safe learning and working climate here at the AUAS. Be free!

Richard van der Veen (He/him)

I want to create moments of meaning for the queer student who may not or cannot be themselves at home. Everyday I joyfully work on expanding the HvA Pride community.

This 22/23 schoolyear Hugo de Graaf and Jennifer Houtman will strengthen the team.

Hugo de Graaf (He/him)

I want to to focus on connection through creativity and movement. In addition, I want to promote expansion in knowledge and sharing knowledge and experience through all kinds of fun activities. I look forward to talking to everyone and having a good time.

Jennifer Houtman (She/her)

I am going to focus on design, and i hope to be able to do something with my passion for writing too. I hope I can attract new people to our events & make changes within (and outside) the HvA, together with the pride team. I am really looking forward to it!